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for some time. if you are still trying to connect with a loved one, here are some resources. on google person finder, you can enter the name of someone you have information on. the site is tracking nearly 4600 records. he could also visit the red cross safe and well listings web page. >> baltimore city police have raised the security level. that means you can expect extra security on public transportation and at tomorrow's baseball game. >> ever since 9/11, police and security experts tell us they have been aware of the fact stadiums are very attractive targets for terrorists. their diligent about minimizing the risk at orioles park. the situation in boston has heightened that vigilance. the orioles prepared to kick off an nine-game homestand at the yard. fans will notice extra security tomorrow and every measures that are not readily apparent. >> there are no credible threats at this time to this area or to the city of baltimore. it is prudent to take a cautious steps. >> city police commissioner it sums up the situation. he elevated the security awareness lebanon and the city, which
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1